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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  November 4, 2012 9:30pm-11:00pm EST

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we have very recently met with the secretary state of defense. will the prime minister meet with me and other interested members to discuss this issue? >> i am always happy to talk to colleagues about this issue. i know the ministry of defense and secretary of state are. we have had to make difficult decisions to put in place the teacher structure of the army with 82,000 regular soldiers and a larger reserve. i think that is the right approach. we have had to make difficult decisions about regiments and italians. we were guided by trying to save as many regiments -- battalions. we were guided by trying to save as many regiments as possible. >> mr. speaker, will the prime minister confirm that the changes due to be introduced in january this year -- next year, the cost of that, the overall cost is very much over 100 million pounds? >> the changes we are making to
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child benefit, where we are taking child benefit away altogether from those earning over 60,000 pounds -- that will save around 2 billion pounds. it is necessary to take tough decisions in order to deal with the massive deficit, bigger than spain that his party left us. i find it completely inexplicable that the party opposite that says they want those to share the burden oppose the idea of taking child benefit away from people over 67 -- 60,000, 70,000, 80,000, 90,000. i do not see why they should continue their job benefit we have some many difficult decisions. thank you, mr. speaker. when my friend john be in congratulating my constituents on the queen's award for enterprise?
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they successfully exported -- does he agree with me this is a fine example of british business promoting the best of british enterprise? >> the honorable lady makes a honorable point. we need export growth and a rebalancing of our economy. that is why -- what the increase in industrial production is all about. we need to go further. that is what michael had excellent reporting on today. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> you have been watching prime minister's questions. what anytime at, or you can find video a pass prime minister's questions and other british public affairs questions. join us wednesday morning for live question time at 7:00 a.m. eastern and again on sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific here on c-span. >> when you have the infrastructure -- for natural
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disasters, in terms of the fcc's engagement, the chairman literally spent the night at the agency of public safety. we are definitely engaged and working at first hand with fema to make an overall assessment in terms of the initial numbers. up to 25% of cell towers were disabled during the process. what the fcc does and will continue to do is to work with these entities to assess the situation on the ground and more so use this information to see what we could do better going forward. >> fcc commissioner mignon clyburn. they night at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. -- monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. >> next, a debate for a u.s.
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house seat in minnesota. michele bachmann faces democrat jim graves in the final of three debates. representative bachmann is in her third term and was a republican presidential candidate earlier this year. tim graves has a background in business and is the founder and former ceo of a national hotel franchise. this debate was held by kstt in st. paul, minn., and is about 20 minutes. >> welcome back, today we have a live debate in the sixth congressional district, the district including cities like st. cloud and monticello. i am joined by the incumbent congresswoman, michele bachmann, and jim graves, thank you. knowing that you are down to the final hours of your campaign, hopefully we can learn something from the both of you. the opponent in many of your ads point to big spending.
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you do not often hear democrats referring to themselves as conservatives. >> i am really a fiscal conservative to the bone. i have balanced budgets and created businesses my whole life and have always made my payments. i know how to balance the budget and i know how to get things done. that is what really makes a conservative. balancing the budget, getting the hard work done, making it happen. i have done it my whole lifetime. i am all about being a fiscal conservative. >> do you see him in any way, shape, or form, as the conservative, or as a big spending liberal? >> the positions he has supported are the signature issues of barack obama. being in support of a $1 trillion stimulus, which failed to create jobs, or for the bailout, or for obama care,
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which cost $1.80 trillion, or the dog franc bill, which is -- dodd-frank bill, killing access to credit, indicating he is willing to raise taxes on the middle-class willing to pay for the unpaid for spending. that is a real difference between the two of us, i want less government, not more. lower taxes, not higher taxes. >> do you see her as independent? >> she is the most polarizing person in congress. >> i have done something remarkable -- i brought
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democrats together to solve a problem for decades -- people in this district have wanted to get the river bridge built and passed. it was tried time after time. it did not get done. i got it done. i brought together democrat senators and governors, and brought together the viking fans and packers fans. we had to get delegations on both sides of the river to get there. this was no small lift, a heavy lift. i had to get it through 435 members of congress. i persuaded nancy pelosi to get on board and got it on the desk of barack obama. >> do you see her as independent? >> she is the most polarizing person in congress. the bridge -- i would have votedi felt it was too expensive. we could have gotten that done for $400 million. we did not need to help --
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spent $700 million. we are in tough times. we have to be very fiduciary with our dollars. we need to get back to the basics. she's the most polarizing person in congress. >> let me respond. the bridge was estimated to cost $80 million in 1992 but because of radical environmental groups that delayed one suit after another they brought the price of to what it is today. the all of this was a bridge worth being built. this is the spending that he is. there should be more federal >> i would have voted against that bridge. that is what we do in hard times -- we did not need to the rolls royce. we need to move on. >> let's move to infrastructure
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spending. the stimulus spending president obama championed and was passed by congress -- where you stand on that? should there be more stimulus money, or what would you do to create jobs in the second district? >> i was not in congress at the time. that bill would have been different. it would have been more focused on long-term capital improvement and infrastructure. it got to be very politicized. we saw a lot of different things getting down. >> when you have voted against? >> as it was. i would have made a change to a. >> i voted against the bill because it was spending $1 trillion. never before have we ever spent $1 trillion -- that much money on government works projects. the only thing that got stimulated was more government jobs. this did not add jobs in the private sector. that is where we need to grow. and i had to grow jobs in the private sector. i'm a private businesswoman, have my own successful company. whinnied payroll every two weeks. i am a former tax lawyer. one thing i'm understand is we need to reform our tax code to
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be a progressive tax code. it's killing jobs, not trading jobs bikila the deficit stands at 16 doris trillion. it -- the federal deficit stands at $16 trillion. what would you do to balance the budget? at any point would you entertain the idea of more taxes? >> i do not support more taxes. we are already spending2 spending.2 trillion -- $2.2 trillion to the federal government. the problem is the out of control spending. that is the difference between the two of us. very expensive project -- obamacare or the stimulus for the bailout -- you cannot continue to spend money like that like barack obama did. it is important people realize that never before we had trillion-dollar deficit. we have for the last four years. we cannot spend the money and
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had the bill to our kids. >> i think we have to move along the lines of the simpson-bowl es plan. we want to get spending down to 21% g.d.p.. >> even president obama did not go for that? >> need a party did. i would. >> people who do not know what it is -- a mix of tax increases and spending cuts you a lot of it is getting rid of tax expenditures, the polls. we can raise a lot of revenue by getting rid of loopholes. carried interest for hedge funds, royalties to gul companies, breaks to the oil companies. these things we can do -- take those away and we can raise more revenue. at the end of the day, when we have cut everything down to the bond and freeze everything, if we need to, we need to. we cannot pass this to our grandkids. we have to be serious in congress and do the heavy lifting and the responsible for
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our own actions. >> let's switch to the medicare topic -- the support paul ryan's plan that would attend chilly -- essentially change medicare for people under the age of 55? do you support that? some people have called it a voucher system. >> i support saving medicare. that is what my vote was in favor of the principles of the ryan planned. it was not legislation. it was a group of principals. i was in the white house with president obama -- we asked him, what is your plan to save medicare? the president as a plan. he answered us -- his plan is obamacare. most senior citizens have no idea that his plan is that medicare will go away and senior citizens will go into obamacare. most seniors understand that obamacare will mean denial of care for seniors. that is not what i want. i want to save medicare for seniors. >> let me be perfectly clear -- michele bachmann wants to
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eliminate medicare and social security. >> that is wrong. it is important that he -- >> can i talk, at least? here's the situation. we have to save those programs and be serious about it. i put on the floor -- let's raise the cap and eliminate -- that will take care of social security for many years so as seniors will have the assurance they can retire and enjoy their retirement that they earned. on this side, on medicare we have to attack the issue on the cost side and be willing to negotiate with pharmaceuticals on pricing for our drugs. michele bachmann is not willing to do that. i am. i am willing to make the tough calls. >> a chance to respond. >> these are false statements being made. what i worked on in a bipartisan way is to make sure we save social security, save medicare. we have to reform the programs. medicare is 50 years old. we have to update the way we deliver high-quality health
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care and for social security we have to make sure they are not only for current seniors but for kids that are coming. it is extremely important for reform. >> we will be back in a moment. more from the candidates -- we will talk about obamacare and get into foreign policy and hopefully energy policy. we will be back in just a moment. one of those rare instances where jim graves will be able to be here reubt. we continue our sixth district congressional debate with michele bachmann engines -- jim graves. let me start with you -- your opponents as you favor all aspects of obamacare and would like to keep it intact. is that true? >> is not. i think there are some good things in it. we talked about those, kids staying on the program until they're 26 years old. kids to have some type of cancer -- there is no pre-existing condition. we talked about these exchanges. that will open up the bidding
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process. let individuals buy insurance. this is by no means down. it is a process, not a destination. a lot of work to be done. the heavy lint -- lifting is in the cost curve. that is what we have to do. >> e dependent coverage is popular, as is the pre-existing coverage. do you want to scrap all that? >> we want to bring down the cost of health care. obamacare escalated the cost of health care, money we do not have. we do not need the federal government to take over one- fifth of the economy to deliver the issue of pre-existing conditions. that is a cost of $5 billion a year, which we certainly can do. that should go to the state, go closer to people so they can take care of people's needs. the big issue in health care is bringing down the cost. obamacare already has escalated the cost. it has taken decisionmaking power away from the people. i want to empower people and bring down the price.
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>> let's switch topics and stay with you on the issue of abortion. that has become a big issue in some senate campaigns around the country. a couple republican candidates have spurred controversy by saying they would allow -- not allow abortion in case -- cases of rape. where you stand on that? on what situation would you find abortion to be allowable? >> i am 100% pro-like and have been for four years. i have the endorsement of the pro life organization in minnesota because people now stand for life. my husband and i have taken in 23 boston -- foster children in addition to our -- >> under what circumstances would you allow a woman to have an abortion? >> the same as the catholic church. it is that i stand to protect life from conception until natural death except in cases of the light of the mother. >> so if somebody is a victim of
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rape, abortion should still not be allowed? >> i stand for the protection and sanctity of human life from conception until natural death. >> abortion is a tragedy. i will do everything possible so that women can avoid that difficult choice. i will work for a real meaningful maternity leave. i will have equal pay for equal work. this is a woman's issue between herself and her god and family. i would bring up -- one bill michele bachmann put into congress' call the protect like bill. i would have voted for that -- she would not. that would restrict any federal funding for any abortions and restricted 100%. michele bachmann did not vote for that. i would have voted for it. >> let me say -- it is important to clarify this. i do not support taxpayer funding of abortions. obamacare includes taxpayer funding of abortions. it is important that people know i in no way support taxpayer
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funding of abortions. >> let's make the turn to foreign policy -- michele bachmann, sent a letter to various agencies over the summer saying that the muslim brotherhood has made a "deep penetration in the halls of the united states government'." you even raised questions over a aide to hillary clinton. senator mccain called these accusations as "no basis, no logic, no merit." you stand by those accusations and ddc prove the muslim brotherhood has infiltrated our government? >> these are letters we sent to the inspectors general, myself and five other colleagues. i stand by this letter is because what we know is that terrorism continues to remain a very real threat in the united states. i serve on the intelligence committee. we deal with classified -- >> do you think the muslim brotherhood? >> we have a number of people who came out in support of us. the advance in benghazi approved the united states remains under attack in the middle east and
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united states. >> but there has been no proof the muslim brotherhood was involved? >> we are only beginning on what is whatansar al-sharia has claimed responsibility, but the muslim brotherhood is a violent organization and there is a spillover event between these various pilot -- >> at the time, you call these accusations ridiculous and outrageous. >> they are. i will stand with senator mccain and speaker boehner and lindsay gramm on that. here is the thing -- there is nothing more important, nothing more important than to protect its people. i stand by that. but we do not need to antagonize and throw mud, especially when it is uncalled for. we need to stand together in these times and protect our ambassadors in the middle east. i deere -- a dear friend of mine is an ambassador in the middle east. we need to protect those people. it was a tragedy what happened in benghazi,.
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need to learn by experience, a terrible experience. >> the final word on this. >> that is exactly why, thank god, we have members of congress that are asking questions. we saw a -- >> you made an accusation. >> we did not make an accusation. we ask questions. we asked inspectors general to take a look -- is in reach and to think that these five organizations who have declared on a weekly basis that they want the destruction of israel and the destruction of the united states -- when a mad man speak, listen and pay attention. that was the problem with the obama administration. they did not pay attention and a tragedy ensue. whinnied members of congress that will ask tough questions, and we did. >> the portion of the debate where we will allow you to make the 32nd closing statement. we begin with jim graves. >> thank you. our country is on a course toward a train wreck, if fiscal train wreck. we have to stop it before it happens.
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if we do not deal with it it will deal with us, and it will be in not good outcome. we have seen that michele bachmann has been in congress six years. she has not been able to curb the cost curve and has not been able to stop the escalation and spiralling of the debt. i'm a business person who will come to congress and make things happen, bring people together. i'm a fiscally conservative and i'll make this congress work and do the heavy lifting. we will not raise taxes on in a class, never on the middle- class. we will make this happen. >> you have 30 seconds. >> i want to say what an honor it has been to represent you in the sixth congressional district in congress. my focus has been first and last on job creation and creating millions of high-paying jobs here in the united states and turning our economy around. i'm a former taxpayer -- a former tax lawyer and a woman who is a job creator. i delivered and listened. i'm here nearly every weekend. that is why i delivered the bridge, the veterans clinic, and
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expanded the airport in st. cloud. i'll continue to work for you to turn this economy around to give me the chance. thanks again. i ask for your vote on tuesday. >> these are your candidates for the sixth congressional district. thank you both for being with us today. we'll be back in a moment -- these two will be busy through election day. we'll be back in just a moment. >> tomorrow, we talked about the congressional races and look ahead to election day with former u.s. representatives from texas, kansas, and virginia. our live coverage from the bipartisan policy center begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> the same course we are on will not lead to a better destination. the same path means $20 trillion of debt at the end of a second term that he will not have. it means crippling unemployment. it means stagnant take home pay.
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depressed the values. a devastated military. unless we change course, we may be looking at another recession. the question of this election comes out of this -- do you want more of the same, or do you want real change? >> we know what change looks like, and what governor romney said -- is selling is not it. giving more money to the biggest banks is not changed. another $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy is not changed. refusing to answer questions about the details of your policy until after the election is definitely not change. ruling out a compromise by pledging to rubber-stamp the tea party votes in congress is not changed. changing the facts when it is inconvenient for your campaign is not change. >> what to live election coverage on c-span -- president obama from chicago and mitt
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romney in boston, plus key house and senate victory and concession speeches. through the night, your reaction by phone, e-mail, facebook, and twitter. live coverage on c-span, c-span radio, and i president obama stop at a rally in hollywood, florida. one of four campaign stops. trauma -- this is about half an hour. ♪ ♪
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>> hello, florida. are you ready to go? i am sorry, i could not hear your -- are you ready to go? could everybody please give them a big round of applause. stories like hers are why i got into public service in the first place. i am so proud of her and her family. she is going to do great things. we also have here the former
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governor, charlie crist. a big round of applause. [applause] your outstanding senator for the next six years, bill nelson, is in the house. [applause] representatives ted deutch, and the chairman of the democratic party, debbie wasserman schultz, they are all here. [applause] let's hear it for your mayor. [applause] now, all of your here -- i am really happy about that. [applause] for the past several days, all of us have been focused on the storm's taking place along the east coast. -- florida knows something about stars. as a nation, we mourn those who have been lost. i have been up to new jersey. i have been talking to the
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governors and mayors. i want people to know that when i talk to them i am talking about -- i have told them we will be with them every step of the way until they have fully recovered from the hardship of the crisis. we will do it together because that is what we do in the united states of america. [applause] you know, as heartbroken as we have been by some of the images of families whose lives have been upended, we have been inspired. seeing the police officers and firefighters and ems folks rushing into burning buildings and water to save lives. neighbors helping save -- neighbors cope with tragedy. leaders of different political parties working together to fix what is broken. we see as a spirit that says, no
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matter how bad a storm is, we always bounce back. no matter how tough times are, we are in this together. we rise or fall as one nation and as one people. that spirit has guided this country along its improbable journey for more than two centuries and has carried us through trials and tribulations of the last four years. in 2008, we were in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the great depression. we were in the middle of two wars. today, our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs. the auto industry is back on top. home values are beginning to rise again. we are less dependent on foreign oil than any time in the last 20 years. because of the amazing services and sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform, the war and ir isaq over.
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the war in afghanistan is coming to a close. al qaeda is on the run. osama bin laden is dead. so we made real progress, florida, these past four years. you are here today because you know and i know we have more work to do. as long as there is a single american that wants a job but cannot find one, our work is not yet done. as long as there are families working harder but still falling behind, our work is not yet done. >> as long as there is a child anywhere, anywhere in the united states that is still languishing in poverty, far from opportunity, we know the fight must go on. our fight goes on because this nation cannot succeed without a growing, the writing off middle-class. our fight goes on because
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america always does best when everyone has a fair shot. and everyone does their fair share. everyone plays by the same rules. that is what we believe. that is why you elected me in 2008, and that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. [applause] now, florida, it into days, you have a choice to make, it is not just a choice between two parties or candidates, but a choice between two different visions of america. on the one hand, you could choose to return to the policies that clashed our
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economy. -- a crash the economy or join me in building a future that focuses on a strong and middle- class. as americans we honor the dreamers and risktakers who have been the driving force behind the free enterprise system. the greatest engine of growth and prosperity the world has ever known, but we also believe in this country our economy grows best, the markets do best when everyone has that she is to succeed. when everyone is getting a good education. when every worker is learning new skills. when we are investing in research for medical breakthroughs and new technologies. we think america is stronger when everyone can count on affordable, quality health
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insurance. when we protect medicare and social security so we guarantee dignity and respect and -- dignity and respect in retirement. if our economy works best when there are rules in place. you know, there is some things we do not want washington to do. we do not want politicians in washington, most of whom are male, to control health-care decisions that women can make for themselves. [applause] now, for a year's we as a president who share these beliefs. his name was bill clinton. his economic plan and the ask the wealthiest americans to pay a little bit more so we could reduce the deficit still invest
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in the skills and ideas of our people. at the time the republicans in congress and the senate candidates by the name of mitt romney -- i don't want you to boo, i want you to vote. i want you to vote. the republican candidates by the name of mitt romney said bill clinton's plans would hurt the economy and kill jobs. turns out the mouth was just as bad then as it is now. -- the math was just as bad then as it is now. america created 23 million new jobs. our deficit had turned into a surplus. florida, we know our ideas work. we also know their ideas do not. because we try their ideas, too. we tried giving insurance
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companies and oil companies free rein to do whatever they please. you know what they got. we got falling incomes and record deficits. you have ideas that we tried and did not work, and ideas that we tried it did work. you would think there would be a pretty clear choice, but mitt romney is a very talented salesman. so in this campaign, he has tried as hard as he can to repackage these old ideas that did not work, and pretend there are new ideas and offeringso inm up as a change. but here is the thing, florida,
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we know what changed looks like. what mitt romney is offering is not it. giving more power back to the biggest bang -- biggest banks is not change. another five trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy is not change. refusing to answer questions about the details of your policy is definitely not change. politicians have been during that long time. ruling out compromise by pledging to reverse the of the agenda in congress is not changed. changing the fax when they are inconvenient to your campaign, that certainly is not change. here is the thing, when you make this choice, who do trust? he did not know what crisis the next president will confront. you do not know what challenge
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you have to be that is unexpected. part of what you are focused on is how does someone operate? florida, after four years of president, you know we might now. you may not agree with every decision i've made, michelle does not agree with every decision i've made, and you may be frustrated some time with the change of pace, i am frustrated sometimes, but here is the thing, you know i say what i mean and mean what i say. i said i would pass health care reform, and i passed it. i said i would repeal don't ask, don't tell. i repealed it.
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i said we would make sure the auto industry came back strong. it has come back strong. you know what i believe in stand. and you know what i will fight for what i believe in and know- how. [chanting "four more years"] so when you're trying to compare the candidates agendas, and we are talking about change, you know and i know what real change looks like. i have the scars to prove it. i have a gray hair to prove it.
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after all we've been through to get to the change, we cannot give up now, because there is more change to do. change is a country where every american has a shot at a good education. parents you have to parents. students, europe to study. don't tell the students who cannot afford college should just borrow more money from the parents. give up now, because there is more change to do. that was not an option for me. i bet it is not an option for a lot of you. that is why the change i want to bring is to cut the growth of tuition and half over the next 10 years. make college more affordable.
10:09 pm
i want to recruit 100,000 new math and science teachers are we do not fall behind the rest of the world. i want to train businesses -- or to train americans for the businesses that are high renown. that is change. that is what i am fighting for in this election. [applause] change comes when we live up to this country's legacy of innovation. i'd believe in change what i bet on the american auto industry, but i really proud of not just the fact that we're building cars in america again, but we're building cars -- better cars because of technology and innovation. karzai we are building now by the middle of the next decade were " -- will vote twice as far.
10:10 pm
it will help national security in the environment. it is not just the auto industry where we can make these kinds of strides. thousands of workers all across america, including here in florida, a better making -- lasting batteries, wind turbines and solar panels. i want to subsidize and support the energy jobs of tomorrow, the new technologies that will cut oil imports in half. i do not want to reward companies that ship jobs overseas, but those that are investing here in america, hiring american workers and making things made in america. . that is the future i see for this country. change is turning the page on a decade of war so we can do as a nation building here at home. as long as i am commander in chief, we will pursue the strongest military the world has ever known, but it is time
10:11 pm
to use the savings from ending the war is to pay down the debt and rebuild america. rebuilding roads and bridges and making sure the schools are state of art. hiring veterans when we come home, because if he fought for this country, you should not to fight for a job would you come home. -- have to fight for a job when you come home. that is what is at stake in this election. change is a future where we reduce our deficit in a way that is balanced and responsible. i have cut a trillion dollars worth of spending. i intend to do more. if we're serious about reducing the deficit, if we have to ask the wealthiest americans to go back to the tax rate from when bill clinton was president, because if budgets are about choices. we cannot do everything. we have to picture what we do,
10:12 pm
we pay for. i will not turn on medicare and about your just to pay for another millionaires' tax cuts. -- we have to figure out how to pay for what we do. we know what the future requires, and we know it will not be easy. back in 2008 we talked about change you can believe in, but i also said that this is hard, because i was not just talking about changing presidents or parties, i was talking about changing how politics is done in this party. i ran the first time because the voices of the american people have been shut out of the democracy for way too long by its lobbyists and special interest. they want to protect the status quo. for the past four years the
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status quo in washington has fought us every step of the way. they have spent millions to stop us from reforming the health-care system. millions try to stop us from reforming wall street. -- trying to stop us from reforming wall street. refuse to compromise even on ideas that democrats and republicans to support in the past. what they're counting on now is you will be so worn down and discouraged by all the squabbling, so tired of the dysfunction, that you will give up, walk away, and be the powers that be in power. in other words, they are betting on your cynicism. florida, my bet is on you and your hope. [applause] listen, i want all parties to work together. we're not democrats and
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republicans first, we are americans first. whenever the other party has been willing to work with me to help middle-class families and build sturdy ladders, i work with them. some of us supported us when we cut taxes for small businesses and small families. senators work with is to repeal don't ask, don't tell. as long as i am president, i will work with anybody from any party to this country forward. if you want to break the gridlock in congress, you will vote for leaders who feel the same way. who put you first instead of politics first, instead of the next election first. but sometimes you have to fight for principle. sometimes you have to fight for what is right. if the price of peace in
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washington is cutting deals that will kick students off of financial aid or get rid of funding for planned parenthood for lead insurance companies discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions or eliminate the health care for millions on medicaid, i am not willing to pay that price. that is not bipartisanship. that is not changed. that is surrendered. do the same status quo that has hurt the middle class and cost us jobs. i do not know about you, but i am not ready to go out on that fight. i hope you are not either, florida. i hope you still have some fight left in you. listen, the folks at the very top of this country do not need another chair the and in washington. there will always have a seat at the table and have influence. the people they need a champion are the americans whose letters are read late at night after i
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am done in office. the men and women i meet on the campaign trail off like you every day. the laid-off worker who has to go back and retrained at the age of 55 to get a new career in a new field, she needs a champion. the restaurant owner who cooks great food but needs a loan to expand after the bank turned him down, he needs a champion. the cooks, waiters, and cleaning staff working overtime at the fort lauderdale hotel tried to saving up to buy a first, or send their kids to college, they need a champion. the worker back on the job building a great car, he needs a champion. the teacher who was in an overcrowded classroom, maybe digging into her pocket to buy school supplies. not getting the support she needs, but showing up every day knowing she will make a difference in that one child today.
10:17 pm
she needs a champion. the young immigrant who was brought here, pledged allegiance to are applied -- to our flag, understands themselves to be american, they need a champion. all those kids on in cities and small farm towns, the rolling virginia hills, the streets of hollywood, kids dreaming of becoming scientists, doctors, diplomats, business people, even president, they need a champion in washington. because they do not have lobbyists. they do not make campaign contributions, but those kids, their dreams, that will be are saving grace. we have to fight for them, and that is why i need you, fla., to make sure their voices are
10:18 pm
heard. to make sure your voices are heard. we'll come too far to turn back now. we of come to far to let our hearts go free -- profaned. it is time to keep pushing -- pushing forward to educate our kids, create new jobs, discover new sources of energy. the broaden -- to broaden the middle class restore the democracy to make sure no matter who you were, where you come from, no matter what your last name is, no matter whether you're black, white, hispanic, young, old, rich, poor, disabled, gay, straight, it does not matter. if you work hard, you can make a year in america, too. if that is what we're fighting for. that is why i am asking florida. if you're willing to work with me, make some phone calls for me, turn out for me, we're going to win florida. we will win this election. we will reaffirm the bond that holds this country together. we will reaffirm the spirit
10:19 pm
that makes the united states of america off the greatest nation on earth. god bless, you. that was the united states of america. -- god bless the united states of america. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> mitt romney and his wife stopped by morrisville, pennsylvania. this is about a half hour.
10:29 pm
♪ ♪ that was not done for the tv.
10:30 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen. give a warm greeting to the next president of the united states, mitt romney, and the next first lady of the united states, anne romney. >> what a philadelphia welcome. what a welcome. want to introduce the next
10:31 pm
first lady of the united states, anne romney. guest>> this has to be the thril of a lifetime. thank you so much. this campaign is drawing to a close a wonderful welcome that you have given us. we can finish this race strong. we're so excited about tuesday and we are so excited to be in pennsylvania. i am is standing with the man that i stood with 443 years in marriage. in every circumstance, i have seen him be exceptional in every way. i can tell you, he will not
10:32 pm
fail. [cheers and applause] we have got to get this right. we love this country. we believe in america. i will watch this man save this country and put it back on track, the next president of the united states, mitt romney. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "mitt, mitt"] >> thank you. thank you governor, thank you senator toomey and the next united states senator from pennsylvania. congressman fitzpatrick, we appreciate you being here. we are close to a place people are still suffering from the consequences of a hurricane. our hearts go out to you. if you have extra funds to
10:33 pm
provide to people, please contact the american red cross or the salvation army or any other group helping to provide care to those having a hard time. thanks to the governors helping people, especially governor christie. he is doing everything to help the people of this state. we appreciate his hard work. what a welcome. thank you so very much. this audience and your voices are being heard all over the
10:34 pm
nation. they are being heard in my heart. people of america understand we are taking back the white house because we are going to win pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] i also want to thank the people have been doing so much work on our campaign, making phone calls from our victories centers, putting a sign up in your yard, in your neighbor's yard. convincing a co-worker to vote for paul ryan and me. let's make sure every single person we know gets out and votes on tuesday. what makes this rally and all your work so inspiring is that you are here because you care about america. this campaign is about the future we are going to leave to our children. i want you to stay with us all the way to victory on tuesday night. it is possible that some of your friends or family members
10:35 pm
have not made up their mind to vote for. let me suggest when you talk to them to tell them to look past the speeches. change cannot be measured in speeches. it is measured in achievement. four years ago, candidate obama promised to do so much, but he has fallen so short. he has promised to be a post partisan president, but he has been so partisan. it is not just republicans he has refused to listen to, but also independent voices. he said he was going to focus on creating jobs, but he focused on obamacare, which killed jobs. unemployment is 7.9%. that is 9 million jobs short. he promised he would save social security and medicare from insolvency. he raided $716 billion from medicare to pay for obamacare. he said he would lower health-
10:36 pm
insurance premiums for families. have you seen that? the american family pays $3,000 a year more than when he was elected. he said he would work across the aisle on the most important issues america faces. he has not met on the economy, on jobs with either member of the house or the senate. you look at the big debates we have in this country not as a republican or a democrat, but as an american. you watch what has happened in
10:37 pm
this country with an independent voice. you thought president obama would live up to his promise to bring people together. there is a problem. he has not. i will. [cheers and applause] let me tell you why he fell so short of what he promised. it is because he cared more about the liberal agenda than repairing the economy. did obama create new jobs? [crowd yells "no"] did his war on coal and gas
10:38 pm
create new jobs? [crowd yells "no"] does raising taxes put people to work? [crowd yells "no"] did the avalanche of new regulations help small business? [crowd yells "no"] you got it right. almost every measure he took hurt the economy and our fellow americans. 23 million americans are struggling today to find a good job. 1 in 6 of our fellow citizens are living in poverty. the middle-class is being squeezed with lower take-home pay and high taxes. i spoke yesterday with the wife of a 60-year-old man. he has worked as a welder for 40 years, but he just got laid off. his wife says, what can i do to help him? she made it clear. they do not want a government check. he wants a job. the president thinks more
10:39 pm
government is the answer. no, mr. president. more good jobs. that is the answer. the question of this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like the last four years or do you want real change? president obama promised change, but he could not deliver. [crowd chants "send him home"] he could not deliver the change he promised. i not only promise change, i have a record of achieving change. i built a business. i helped turn around another
10:40 pm
one. i helped put the olympics back on track. with the democrat legislature, i helped my state turn from deficit to surplus. we went from higher taxes to higher take-home pay. that is why i am running for president. [cheers and applause] i know how to change the course the nation is on. how to get to a balanced budget, how to build jobs and see rising take-home pay. accomplishing change is notpresd change, something i talk about. it is something i have done and it is something i will do as president of the united states. if you believe we can do better -- [crowd chants "romney, romney"] if you believe we can do better, if you believe america should be on a better course, if you are tired of being tired, i asked you to vote for real change. paul ryan and i will bring real change to america on day 1. i will not waste time
10:41 pm
complaining about my predecessor. i will go to work to get americans back to work. people across the country are responding to our five part plan to create jobs. part one is taking full advantage of our energy resources -- coal, gas, solar. i will act to speed up the approval of the keystone pipeline. i will designate china as a currency manipulator.
10:42 pm
we have got to fight for fair jobs. third, i will send to congress something we call the "retraining reform act" so that every worker can get the skills they need for a good paying job. i will move to tackle out of control spending. i will send congress fundamental reforms called "the down payment on fiscal sanity act". we will immediately cut government spending. [applause] i am not just going to take office on june were 20, i will take responsibility for that office as well. [applause] #5, i am going to act on control spending. i will send congress fundamental reforms called "the down payment on fiscal sanity act". we will immediately all
10:43 pm
business. i'm going to issue executive orders. the first is the state waivers from obama care. the second will launch a sweeping review of all the obama care regulations. for the first time in four years, every entrepreneur or in small business creator will know the president and the government of the united states likes them and likes the jobs they bring to our fellow americans. paul ryan and i will limit government, instead of limiting the dreams of our fellow americans. our choice on tuesday can business. lead to one of two very different
10:44 pm
outcomes. you know if the president were to be reelected, he would still be unable to work with the people in congress. he is ignored them, attack them, blamed them, and the debt ceiling will come up again. shut down and defaults will be threatened. that freezes the economy. by the way, the president was right the of the day when he said he cannot change washington from the inside, only from outside. we will give him that chance soon. when i am elected, i will work with republicans and democrats in congress. i will meet with the leaders. i will leave with the good men and women to care more about the country than politics.
10:45 pm
it the president is reelected, he will continue this war on coal, oil, and natural gas. what i am elected we will create jobs, help with prices of the pot. we will achieve north american energy independence in eight years. [applause] it the president or be to reelected, he would crush small business with this plan to raise taxes, expand regulations, oppose obama care. i care about small business. i see it as a means for people to fulfill their dreams. last week i met a lady in richmond. she's been running of the lead business 40 years. a business in the family for 82 years. at high point she employed 200 people. she just closed it down. she told the the regulations, taxes, obama care, and the effects of the obama economy put is out of business. -- put her out of business. i want to help the hundreds of thousands of these and dreamers like her, and i will.
10:46 pm
you know, by the way, if the president were to be reelected, he will say anything he has to get your support and make you think he will improve our schools. so your kids would have the same schools with the same results. when i am president i will be a voice to the children and their parents, because they do not have a union at the bpa. i want to make sure parents have the information they need to know if a school is succeeding or not, and i want them to have the choice of the school they believe is right for their child's future. when i was governor of my state, we took our schools to the top of the nation by working together. listening to the good buys from
10:47 pm
our teachers. people who dedicated their lives to listening to their kids and always putting the students first. and education first. i will do the same thing as president. the last few months of the campaign is gathering the strength of a movement, which is obvious by looking around this audience tonight. it is not just only the size of the crowds, the debt of the shared conviction. this makes me strive to be even more worthy of your support in campaign as i would govern and
10:48 pm
speak for the aspirations of all americans. i learned as governor of massachusetts that the best achievements are shared achievements. i learned respect and good will go a long way it usually returned in kind. that is how i will conduct myself as president. i will bring -- bring people together. i will represent one nation. [crowd chanting "usa"] throughout this campaign, using every argument he can think of, he is tried to convince you the past four years have been a success. the plan for the next four years is to take all the ideas from the next term, the stimulus, borrowing, and do them all over again. he tells the plan -- called the plan forward. i call it four warn. the same course we of been on will not lead to a better destination. it means 20 trillion in debt. it means crippling unemployment continuing. imine stagnant take home pay and depressed home values.
10:49 pm
unless we change course, we keep looking at another recession. it is closing -- in his closing argument as this past week president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. [applause] do the other we must lead america to a better place. we're only two days away from a fresh start. two days away from the first day of a new beginning. and an unshakable faith in the
10:50 pm
american spirit. is anyone worried the past four years the best we are to do, anyone who fears the american dream is fading away. if there is anyone wonders whether better jobs and better paychecks are a thing of the past, i've a clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america will come roaring back. [applause] we are americans. we can do anything. the only thing that stands between us and some of the best years we've known is lack of leadership. and this tuesday is a moment to look into the future and imagine what we can do. to put the past four years behind us and start building a future. use all the difference between the president and i would we were standing side by side in the debates. he said it had to be this way. -- you saw the differences between the present and i whenh. we were standing side by side in the debates. i cannot wait for us to get started. he is hoping we will settle.
10:51 pm
americans do not settle. we listen to the voice that says we can do better. a better life, a better america. the better life is out there waiting for us. our destiny is in your hands. two more days. two more days and we can get to work rebuilding our country, restoring our confidence renewing the conviction. we're confident we're on a solid path. confident college graduates will find better jobs. confidence single mothers working two jobs will have a better shot at a better job. i want to tell you about an experience i had just last night. reminded me of something that happened many years ago. i was serving as a leader in the boy scouts of america. got some starters here, i can
10:52 pm
tell. there was a table of the front of the room. i was seated at the next to the american flag. the person speaking was the scout master from monument, colorado. he described the fact that the troop wanted a very special flags said it bought one and had flown above the capitol building. came back, and they wanted it to go to on -- wanted it to go on the space shuttle. nasa agreed. there were so proud looking at homerooms' -- looking at the space shuttle from home room. then they saw it explode on the tv screen. he said he called last a couple weeks later and asked if they had any remnants of the flag? they have not. nothing. finally some time later he was reading an article in the newspaper and dimensions the debris collected fromthere weret homerooms' -- looking at the
10:53 pm
space shuttle from home room. the challenger disaster. there was a note about a flag, so he called nasa and said heavy found some part of the fly, and he said we of a presentation to make your voice. nasa came in the boy's throat -- boy scout troop gathered and were presented with a plastic container. there was the flag in perfect condition. he said that said at the table. i reached over and touched a hold of the flag and pulled it out. it was as if the electricity was running through my arm because i thought about the sacrifice of the men and women in this space program who put themselves in harm's way for learning, pioneering, for us. it is part of the american spirit. to live for something bigger than yourself. as see it in the men and women who serve in our military. they serve as for liberty, freedom.
10:54 pm
our hope and prosperity. -- serve us for liberty, freedom. i love all the verses in america the beautiful, but one stands out. what are veterans -- with the veterans and members of the armed forces please raise your hands and derecognized? -- be recognized? [applause] we live for things bigger than ourselves. schools, churches, families. i think about my sister. my sister is in her 70's. she has eight children. seven of them married. kids of their own. the eighth child was going -- born down syndrome. he is now 43-years-old. he lives at home with his mom.
10:55 pm
she devotes her time and care to caring for that child. she is a hero to me. i love america's moms. single moms and dads to make a difference for their families. this christmas i am thinking of all the couples that will not be exchanging gifts with one another to make sure they could have another great christmas for their kids. think of all the great mom sitter scraping to goodbyes of a good picture and have a good meal on the table for kids at the end of the day. think of the dads and moms that are working two jobs so they can buy the kind of close their kids need so they will not stand out in school. we are a generous people. we give to others in need. we live for things bigger than ourselves, and on november 6, ee we can come together for a better future.
10:56 pm
on november 7, we're going to get to work. i would like you to reach across the street to the neighbor with the other guys in yard sign, and we will reach across the aisle in washington to people good faith in the other party. this much more than our moment. ofis america's moment renewal, purpose, and optimism. we of journeying far and wide in the campaign for america's future, and now we're almost home. one final push will get us there. we have known that many long days and short nights, and now we are close. the door to a brighter future is there. it is open and waiting for us. i need your vote, work. i want you to walk with me. we're taking back america. we are going to keep america at the home of the brave. we love you. thank you so very much. great to be with you. thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] ♪ ♪
10:57 pm
renewal, purpose, and optimism. we of journeying far and wide in♪
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♪ ♪ >> paul ryan campaigns the day before the election in colorado. our coverage from johnstown begins at 3:30 eastern on c- span. watch the presidential election results tuesday along with key contests on c-span. next is


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